Jose & Muriel


The story


We have decided to spend the rest of our lives together, and in order to celebrate that, we want to do a big party with the people we love the most, you.

But first, let us tell you how it all began…

Being with Jose is like being with Brad Pitt and Stephen Hawking at the same time, jackpot!

Muriel Avignon, future wife

I love Muriel more than I love monkeys, and I love monkeys a lot.

Jose Llorens, future husband

A great party in a great place


The wedding will take place in Les Groges, a historical chateau in the French countryside where we have all we need: A great garden, the countryside with beautiful views, different areas for the celebration and lots of space to party all together.

Les Groges is located in Chauvigny, a charming medieval village, built around a hill with a 12th century castle.
Not a bad place to spend the weekend!

Save the date


Friday 21st of June
An informal dinner in Chauvigny for the ones who arrive on Friday, but just one drink or two! Need to rest for Saturday.

Saturday 22nd of June, the big day
The wedding ceremony will start at 12pm in Les Groges, followed by a cocktail, lunch, drinks, and finishing at… well, that’s up to you.

Sunday 23rd of June
Brunch and chill at Les Groges for those who want to enjoy the sun.

How to get to Chauvigny


  • Flying to Paris, Bordeaux or Nantes
    You can fly either to Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Bordeaux or Nantes.
  • Driving from Paris (3:30 hours), Bordeaux (3 hours), or Nantes (2:30 hours)
    If you are driving to Chauvigny you can rent a car directly at the airport using the Drivy app and this code to get 20€ off: DRIVYFRIENDS-JOSEL-2G7
    Driving from Madrid takes 9:30 hours and has some great stops along the way: Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz and Bordeaux.


  • Train from Paris to Poitiers (1:30 hours) + Drive to Chauvigny (30 min)
    From Charles de Gaulle airport there are direct trains to Poitiers.
    From Orly airport you have to take a bus to Montparnasse train station (20 mins).
    The train costs around 20€ each way and you can book the tickets here.
    Once in Poitiers you can drive to Chauvigny by renting a Drivy, taking a taxi, or we coordinate for someone to pick you up.

To make the trip more enjoyable and share costs we recommend you travel in groups. If you want to put us in touch with other people let us know so we can arrange groups and full cars departing from Paris or Bordeaux.

Take advantage
Paris is the most beautiful city in the world and the french countryside and its food are outstanding, so we recommend you to take the chance to spend some extra days enjoying it.

Staying in Chauvigny


Chauvigny has many options to sleep, on Airbnb you can find houses for large groups and smaller options too, there are a few hotels in the village, and a big camping nearby with bungalows.

Here is a list we have made compiling them in a list to make it easy for you.

We want you to have a great stay and enjoy this weekend, any doubts you have, please write us to: or

Wedding presents


If you want to make us a present, we want to let you know that we are planning to buy a house (and get a mortgage for the next 100 years), so we will use the money from the wedding presents to decorate and furnish this house and turn it into a home. A home in which you will always be welcome to visit us.

For this, the simplest way is to do a transfer to this bank account we created:
Muriel Avignon
IBAN: FR76 3043 8001 0040 0050 4668 188    BIC: INGBFR21XXX

And remember that the present is optional, what matters is that you come.

See you soon!