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Time on Earth is a novel about today’s egocentric society and the inspiring journey of Luca as he tries to escape from it. 

If you’ve ever dreamt about quitting everything to pursue your passion, to try to change the world for the better, or just to wander around and be free, then this book is for you.

Sex, drugs, tears, & love from the sweaty London tube to the decadent nights of Berlin.


Available worldwide on paperback and e-book

The book

“I have to do something meaningful with my life. I fear to face death and realise that my existence was for nothing, but first I need to be free. Goodbye London, goodbye big job, goodbye my love.”

It’s been decided, Luca has to kill his ego. He is a young advertising executive who has everything that someone is supposed to want nowadays; the girl, the status, and a wealthy life in London, but he hates himself for having become a slut of capitalism.

Panic attacks and suicidal thoughts push him to look for a change, leaving his shallow life behind to embark on a journey into the unknown. It begins with a visit to his old-time friend Jacques, an artist who lives a worry-free, weed-fuelled life in Berlin. Maybe he has some answers.


What the readers say

Loved it! Funny, smart and deeply insightful. The book offers unique reflections on our generation to which all of us are (still) looking for answers!

Highly recommended.


Alberto Iore

Co-founder , Seemba

You will experience a huge connection with this book. The style is fresh, direct and impulsive. You won’t be able to hide your smile along reading this book. This book frames our generation by addressing the existentialism in the modern society. 10/10


Pablo del Busto

Team Lead, Amazon

Time on Earth is witty, real, and beautiful. It’s a deep introspection into millennials’ existencial crisis and search for meaning, all from a fast-paced, energetic approach. Great read, funny characters, meaningful reflections. Totally recommend it!


Florencia Balseiro

Art Director, Sapient Nitro

Funny yet profound book. If you are a Millennial that works in a large multinational, you will find a bit of yourself reflected in this novel. If you aren’t, you will see what it feels like being one. What a great start for an independent author!


Juan M. Ramos

H.R. , Apple

About the author

Jose Llorens (Madrid, 1987) is an internationally awarded creative director who quit his job at Google London to tell the story of his generation; a generation that aspires to live a meaningful existence but struggles to find how.

Being the son of an airline captain and a painter, his life has always been guided by wanderlust and the pursuit of beauty. This led him to live and work in seven countries, in which he collected the characters and experiences that inspire his writing. He wrote this short bio in third person to look more important.

Interviews & articles:
Business insider, Huffington Post, Vice Magazine.

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